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Towing services for an immobilized vehicle involve a base rate or hook-up fee. This will vary depending upon the tow truck company you are hiring. Aside from the base fee, the towing company will also charge a transfer fee per mile. Generally, the basic hook-up fee for towing a vehicle to a repair shop ranges from $35 to $100 depending upon the type of vehicle and the type of towing service chosen.

The per-mile charges can be anywhere between $2 and $5 or above depending upon the said factors. Sometimes, the towing company may also include the first 5 – 10 miles in the base fee. So on average, a 100-mile tow cost can go anywhere from $215 to $600 or more.

Roadside assistance refers to professional services and mechanical repairs offered by towing companies to make a vehicle drivable again. There can be many things included in roadside assistance depending upon the provider, such as changing a flat tire, jump-starting the engine, charging the battery, delivering fuel, unlocking the car, and more. Most insurance policies cover roadside assistance, but the terms may vary from provider to provider.

In case roadside assistance services cannot restore the vehicle to a state where it can be safely driven, then you will need to tow it to a repair shop. The towing company will charge you based on the distance and type of tow truck service you prefer.

Wheel-lift tow trucks have a hydraulic yoke with crossbars at the end to lift the front or rear wheels of a vehicle. The other two wheels remain on the ground as the tow truck pulls the vehicle to the destination. The technician will lift the front or rear end depending upon the transmission of the vehicle.

Typically, wheel-lift towing is used for smaller and light-duty 2-wheel drive vehicles. For an all-wheel-drive vehicle, the tow truck company may suggest flatbed towing instead of wheel-lift towing. This will assure the utmost safety of the AWD vehicle. However, towing services may also use wheel doilies to move an AWD vehicle using a wheel-lift tow truck.

Flatbed tow trucks offer the safest transportation of vehicles and do not cause any damage to the exterior or engine as it is being moved. Flatbed towing can also help to protect the tires of the vehicle and avoid uneven wearing. It is also the ideal solution if the vehicle is wrecked and requires towing over bumpy or rough terrain.

Flatbed towing can be opted for a variety of vehicles, such as cars, SUVs, trucks, low-height vehicles, and more. They are also suitable for transporting motorcycles and classic and exotic vehicles. However, the costs of a flatbed towing will be a bit more than other types of towing. On average, a 20-mile tow here can cost around $150 or more depending upon the terms of the tow truck company.

The reputation and experience of the towing company should be the first thing that you should consider when hiring one. Moreover, make sure that the tow truck company has proper gear and equipment to deal with your problem efficiently. You should also be able to reach out to them quickly over the phone so that they can attend to your situation promptly.

Get recommendations from your friends and family members who have hired a towing company earlier. Ask about their experience with the tow truck company and the quality of services they provide. You should also research about their licensing and credentials. Besides, keep an eye on their hook-up fees, towing costs per mile, and other additional charges too.

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